By Paola V.

It is no secret that wood floors can create a unique and very desired look for homes. With fall quickly approaching, pets tend to spend more time inside homes.  For many, dogs are part of their families and play a key role to their home remodeling. An ongoing question in wood flooring is can dogs and wood floors co-exist?

As home owners invest money on wood floors, many clients with dogs tend to find themselves in this predicament. 

Selecta Flooring is here to answer and alleviate some of these common concerns. As one of the top flooring companies in Union County and New Jersey Selecta Flooring aims to provide customized recommendations based on our clients lifestyle needs.

Will my floors last? What should I do if my dog scratches my floor?

Two types of wood that are commonly used are soft and hard wood flooring. As a dog owner you will want to avoid softwood floors and choose a hardwood floor. Hardwood are more durable and resistant to heavy foot traffic and scratches.

Now that we have narrowed it down to hardwood floors, there is a variety of hardwoods to choose from. Selecta Flooring from Union County, New Jersey suggests choosing a distressed wood or one with stronger grain.

The distressed and grained look tends to hide floor scratches and dents more. This will help in case your pet scratches the floor  by making it less noticeable. Another option is opting for a less glossy finish. With a satin or matte finish there is less light visibility which helps avoid a strong reflection of scratches.

What if the dog has an “accident”. Selecta Flooring understands that accidents can happen, we recommend quickly cleaning the area with vinegar and warm water to prevent staining. Avoiding harsh chemicals is very important since these can have a counter effect on your wood floors, causing the stain color to change.

As flooring experts we will work side by side with our clients so we can reach the perfect flooring option for you based on your needs.