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Selecta Flooring, LLC: Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Wyckoff Township

As a local, Wyckoff Township based hardwood flooring company, we know hardwood. It’s one of the most beautiful additions a homeowner can make to their home.

Wood flooring is exquisite and enhances the warmth of the homes of many people around the valley of the sun. It certainly complements the decor of any room. It’s one of the few flooring choices that truly becomes beautiful with time and can always benefit from new life through wood floor refinishes and sanding , should the need arise.

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Recently, a survey showed that 90% of real estate agents said that houses with hardwood flooring sell quicker and at higher prices than homes without.

Best Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Wyckoff Township, New Jersey

Better for Everyone
Being a natural resource, which is renewable and can be recycled, wood has been the default choice for buildings, ships or other structures for centuries. Wood flooring sanding (or sanding hardwood flooring), is one of the most common flooring choices for homeowners who are looking for beauty, strength and a value-adding improvement to their home.

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More Hardwood Selection
Modern advancements in flooring technology have rendered an enormous number of choices in terms of styles, stains, finishes, and designs to make sure that you get the perfect floor. We are absolutely confident that we can find the right type of hardwood flooring to match your home, taste and plans for the future.

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Hire an Experienced Hardwood Sanding and Flooring Company
Wood can be a great addition to any home, especially given our dry, warm climate of Wyckoff Township, NJ. However, inexperienced flooring companies who have not worked with hardwood can find it difficult to deliver on quality and service and can leave you with a poorly executed project.

We’ve handled hardwood for years and our team of professional hardwood flooring installers has an unbelievable track record of getting our customers the best hardwood flooring installation costs and providing the best service and product.

Our Hardwood Flooring Services:
•We work with various types of flooring, but hardwood is one of our favorite. Here’s what Eagle Flooring West does:
•Hardwood flooring installation
•Hardwood flooring sanding and finishing
•Hardwood flooring refinishing
•Hardwood floors unfinished and prefinished, including both domestic and exotic species
•Glued down engineered floors
•Wood flooring

And above all, we’re a local, Wyckoff Township New Jersey based flooring company and we make sure you get treated right!

We don’t always want to brag, but our customers have loved the hardwood flooring installations we’ve worked on.

So, don’t hesitate and give us a call at (908) 301-0150!

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