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Selecta Flooring, LLC has been seeing and sanding hardwood floors for customers all over New Jersey. Our selection of hardwood floors is the largest around, and our friendly and helpful staff is waiting to help you with your questions. We are the hardwood experts!

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When your hardwood flooring begins to lose its luster, hardwood refinishing will restore it at far less cost than replacement Selecta Flooring, LLC certainly understands that eventually, all hardwood flooring begins to lose its ‘new floor’ glimmer and require hardwood floor refinishing or full replacement. This sign of wear can take place due to floor traffic and/or the lack of proper care over time.

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When you see that your hardwood floor has begun to lose its original shine, keep in mind that it can be made to look like new again by refinishing it right in your home. Best of all, hardwood floor refinishing will cost you considerably less than it would to remove the existing floor and completely replace it.

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Selecta Flooring, LLC offers affordable hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services for our customers in the Union Township, New Jersey area. Our professional refinishers will come to your home or office, bring new life to your floors, and leave with the hardwood flooring looking as just new as it did when it was newly installed.

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What happens to hardwood’s luster?
When hardwood floors are first installed, they are coated with a urethane base coat that produces both their exceptional shine and long lifespan. Very small flakes of aluminum oxide contained in the coating add further stability to the wood and also lengthen the amount of time before the surface glow begins to dim.

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However, any finish, no matter how durable, will eventually suffer from continuous exposure to foot traffic and contaminates that wear away the top layer. This erosion of the surface coating permits moisture to permeate the hardwood flooring and that results in deterioration of the wood. The ideal and most practical solution is to remove the worn, damaged finish by sanding, and then replace it with an entirely new surface coat.

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Selecta Flooring, LLC can handle your hardwood floor refinishing regardless of what your hardwood floor product it is.

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