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Selecta Flooring, LLC: Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Mountainside

Looking for a way to rejuvenate your old hardwood floors? Have you ever thought about refinishing them? A wood floor sanding and refinishing service can do wonders to scuffed surfaces. As the leading hardwood experts in Mountainside, NJ, we, at Selecta Flooring, LLC, have worked on many projects including new installation, repair, replacement, and refinishing.

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We provide our clients with unparalleled services and expertise for large and small projects. We have taken care of many hardwood refinishing projects. From modern wood damaged through everyday use to old hardwood damaged caused over time, we will sand, refinish, and restore any floor you have for us.

Getting started with our hardwood refinishing contractor is easy. Either give Selecta Flooring, LLC a call to let us know what you need or use the contact form on one of our other pages, and our experts will get in touch with you to begin assessing your needs and help you make the right decision for your floors.

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At Selecta Flooring, LLC, we believe in providing exceptional services and superior craftsmanship to our clients in Mountainside, NJ and the surrounding areas we serve. We are very passionate about our work, and it shows in the quality of our wood floor installation and repair services. There is no project too challenging for our technicians. Whether you have a residential or commercial job ahead, we would love to hear from you!

Our services include but are not limited to hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor repair, hardwood floor sanding and refinishing , hardwood floor restoration, hardwood floor replacement, and other solutions. Read the information on our services page for more detailed information. Feel free to get in touch with Selecta Flooring, LLC for any questions you might have. We will happily alleviate all your concerns.

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If you would like to get honest advice from an expert hardwood floor restoration contractor, call us now! We expect to hear from you!

About Our Hardwood Refinishing Service
Our start to finish hardwood refinishing services can simply and effectively restore your old wooden floors giving the property a new beautiful flooring that really stands out. Sanding and refinishing your existing wood can save a lot over new flooring. If you are on the marking looking for a reliable contractor who can help you with your hardwood floor refinishing project, then you should definitely consider calling Selecta Flooring, LLC in Mountainside, NJ.

You can always feel confident that our contractors will achieve a professional, high-end finish in every project they complete. Whatever the wood or the style of the floor, our team will help to ensure that the surfaces always look their best. Whether we are restoring the wood flooring within your living room or transforming the floor in your bedroom, we will ensure superior results.

We believe that the sanding and refinishing of a hardwood floor is an art form in itself and should be left to the experts. Our work goes much beyond simple hardwood refinishing. We have built our expertise and experience through completing a wide variety of installations, repair, and restoration projects in a diverse range of environments. We can help with patching, repairs, custom staining, and more.

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Hardwood refinishing is ideal for those that would like to change the stain color of their floors or if their floors have deep scratches. Our refinishing service is much more affordable than completely replacing your wood flooring and is a great investment in your property. When you call us for help, you can expect us to sand your floors, stain them in the color of your choice, and then seal and coat them with the highest quality products available.

Wood floors are an investment and we, at Selecta Flooring, LLC in Mountainside, NJ, treat them like one. If you want to learn more about this service or get a quote for it from a trustworthy professional, contact us at (908) 301-0150 now. We will be happy to hear from you!

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