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Transform your home with hardwood floors that add a timeless elegance to any space!

Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Manville, NJ
Our flooring contractors in Manville New Jersey with hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor repair, dustless sanding and more! Call (908) 301-0150!

Selecta Flooring, LLC: Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Manville

Looking for dustless sanding and hardwood floor finishing in Manville, NJ? Selecta Flooring, LLC located in Manville, NJ is your one-stop for all your wood flooring needs. We are family owned and operated and specialize in hardwood flooring installation, repair, dustless floor sanding, staining, and refinishing services. Call us today at (908) 301-0150 for a free estimate!

With over a decade year of experience, we serve the Manville and surrounding areas.

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From wood floor repair and new floor installation to hardwood floor sanding and finishing, we do it all! We use dust-free sanding techniques which is a more efficient and healthier process than regular sanding because it involves less cleanup and helps maintain your indoor air quality.

Hardwood Floors Bring an Elegant, Timeless Quality to Your Home.
With proper care, they can last for decades. Unfortunately, any wood floor surface wears out and gets dull over time; our professionals can transform your dismal, scratched floors back to the pristine condition they were in when they were newly installed.

Best Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Manville, New Jersey

Hard Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Manville, NJ
Located in Manville, NJ, we serve New Jersey with hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood flooring installation, dustless sanding, hard floor staining, hardwood repair and more. Call (908) 301-0150!

Installation of Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood is durable and lasts longer than other flooring options. It creates a classic look and is a beautiful backdrop for any style room. At Selecta Flooring, LLC, we offer a decade of experience in hardwood flooring installation services. We would be happy to help you pick out new hardwoods that compliment your home, whether it’s oak, walnut, hickory, maple or cherry wood. From measuring to installing to cleanup, we ensure your project is a success from start to finish.

Manville Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Near Me

Dustless Sanding, Staining & Finishing
Does your hardwood need a facelift? Have you been putting off refinishing your floors for fear of dust? Call our professionals at Ernie & Sons for high-quality sanding without the dust aftermath. We offer dustless sanding on all of our hardwood jobs, so you do not have to spend hours cleaning after we leave.

We also provide hardwood floor staining and floor finishing services to further customize and enhance your floors.

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It does not matter how many years of built-up grime there is; we can easily remove it to make your wood shine. Call (908) 301-0150 today for dustless sanding, hardwood floor refinishing and staining.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding
Hardwood Repair
Do you need hardwood repair services in Manville, NJ? Call our experts for all types of hardwood floor repairs. Wood floors take a lot of abuse from everyday living activities. If you need damaged board replacement, crack and gouge filling, pet stain removal, or discoloration correction, contact us today!

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