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We provide eco-friendly hardwood floor services in all shapes and sizes.

Selecta Flooring, LLC: Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Long Hill Township


We are committed to the safest, cleanest, environmentally responsible approach to hardwood floor resurfacing installation and maintenance in the Long Hill Township, New Jersey.

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We’re dedicated to providing safer & greener alternatives for finishing new and existing wood floors.
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Hardwood Floor Sanding Refinishing and Installation
There are many types of hardwood flooring available, ranging from prefinished, laminated (also called engineered) strips and planks. In other words, everything from thin plywood with a hardwood veneer layer on top, to solid-wood strips and planks. In the past, if you wanted to install your own solid-wood flooring you also had to take on the task of sanding and finishing it. Today you can get solid-hardwood flooring prefinished in a variety of stain colors with a durable, long-lasting factory-warranted finish.

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Hard Wood Floor Sanding Service
While dust cannot be completely eliminated from the sanding process, steps are taken to minimize the dust through effective dust containment system.

Selecta Flooring, LLC innovative dust containment systems provides these key benefits:

Virtually eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout the home
Eliminates airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish
Healthier working conditions as wood dust is a known carcinogen.

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Hardwood Staining
Stains are made of either pigment, dyes, or a combination of both. They change the color of the wood and also may seal it. Colors range from neutral to light browns, dark browns and pastels. Stains may be oil-based, water-based, or anilines. Selecta Flooring, LLC is happy to work with you at length on your stain choice.

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Hard Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing
Selecta Flooring, LLC recommends water-based polyurethanes which create a clear layer with minimal odor while also producing low levels and sometimes 0% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). You can re-coat in two hours and clean your tools with water. If you start early enough in the day, you can apply the recommended four coats and sleep in the room that night.

Oil-based polyurethanes leave an amber glow and require fewer coats. But the five-hour wait between coats and 12-hour wait after the last coat will put a bedroom out of commission for a few days—and you’ll have to put up with a strong odor.

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