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What are the benefits of refinishing and replacing hardwood floors?
What is the best hardwood floor for my home?

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Wood Floor Sanding – Refinishing and Repairs in East Windsor Township, New Jersey
A Smart Move for Homeowners
If you’re looking to refinish or repair your hardwood floors, you’ve come to the right place, and we commend you for making this smart move. Repairing and refinishing hardwood is infinitely easier than replacing it, not to mention how much more cost-effective and time-efficient it is. A refinished hardwood floor will increase your home’s value and is attractive to potential buyers if you’re going to move.

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Abundant Experience in Quality Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services
Selecta Flooring, LLC specializes in delivering the premium-grade hardwood floor refinishing and installation work that our clients expect. With a decade worth of experience, we offer a wide product selection of flooring materials at low, reasonable prices for all clients as well as friendly and reliable services and professional installations.

Our professional crew has refinished hardwood floors from modest East Windsor Township residences to large commercial businesses with damaged floors or floors that need resurfacing. No work is too small or too large for our handy team.

Best Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in East Windsor Township, New Jersey

All Wood Types
Selecta Flooring, LLC professionally sanding, refinishes and repairs all floors and hardwood types, including oak, maple, walnut, Brazilian, cherry, bamboo and hickory.

Comprehensive Services
Our commitment to you is to professionally repair and restore your existing floors to restore them to their most beautiful state so your investment continues to benefit you through the years. Whether your floors are dull, lackluster or just look dirty to matter how much you clean them, our full-service restoration services are guaranteed to make you fall in love with your hardwood again.

East Windsor Township Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Near Me

Take a look at the specific services we offer. Ask one of our qualified technicians for more information about our services or prices.
•Refinishing and restoration
•Bleaching and whitewashing
Wood Floor Sanding and custom finishes
•Custom staining work
•Water and fire restoration
•Polyurethane varnishing
•Waxing and cleaning
•Buffing and sealing
•Stripping and laminate floors
•Expert flooring repairs

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