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Selecta Flooring, LLC offers all Hardwood Flooring Services from the Foundation to the Final Coat of Finish!

Selecta Flooring, LLC: Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Bergen County

A Decade of Flooring Experience
Fine Wood Floors in Bergen County, New Jersey
Like the Masters’ enduring classics, each Selecta Flooring, LLC Hardwood Floor is an original work of art, touched by inspiration and nature’s own unique imprint. For a Decade, Selecta Flooring, LLC craftsmen have been, and still are, creating each floor with fine woods, unique inlays and borders, finished in classic designs or individualized to reflect their owner’s very own taste.

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Using new or reclaimed pieces from over 300 species of wood, our craftsmen finish each floor to exacting standards, creating a unique piece of art that will never be duplicated. Our craftsmen also sand, repair, restore, and refinish Hardwood floors with the same high standard. Rare and exotic woods can be matched, inlays can be replicated and existing floors can be recovered to maintain their unique look for years and years to come.

Selecta Flooring, LLC is your source for the most beautiful new, reclaimed, or engineered Hardwood floors in the industry. For a decade, our company has striven to provide timeless quality and exceptional service that exceeds your highest expectations. Be sure to contact us, or visit us today to see how we can make your vision a reality!

Best Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing in Bergen County, New Jersey

Floor Sanding and Refinish of a Solid Hardwood Floor
Sanding and refinishing of solid hardwood floors have come a long way in the past years. Our sanding equipment has become virtually dustless, stains and finishes are low V.O.C, and curing times have shortened. For you as a customer this means:

•Less intrusive, virtually no dust
•Less odors
•Faster turnaround times

Bergen County Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Near Me

When wood floor sanding and refinishing a solid hardwood floor we completely remove the old finish until we arrive at “new” wood. Once stripped, we trowel fill the floor to remedy any separation of planks, little nicks and cracks in the wood. Next, we sand and hand edge your floors once again.

After this step we apply the desired color or stain to your floor. If undecided, we can place sample color swabs on your floor for your selection at this point. At last we apply two coats of commercial grade finish on your floor to protect it. Our finish comes in different sheen levels from matte to gloss and, of course, your choice will be applied.

Sanding and Refinish an Engineered Hardwood Floor
Sanding and refinishing of engineered hardwood floors are more complicated than refinishing a solid wood floor. Engineered wood floors usually consist of a plywood core and a thin wear layer of solid wood adhered to the top of it. If the wrong equipment is used, a sander will sand right through the wear layer and arrive at the plywood layer, effectively rendering your floor useless. Selecta Flooring, LLC Hardwood has invested in specialized equipment and has developed proprietary techniques to be able to sand and refinish many of these engineered floors, effectively extending their useful life by double or triple.

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The process of sanding and refinishing an engineered hardwood floor is also much less intrusive then only a few years ago. All of the equipment used is 99.5% dustless (per manufacturer), all materials are low V.O.C and eco-friendly.

This engineered hardwood floor was stained to match the residences new colors during a sand and refinish.

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