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Union County Hardwood Flooring

Have your hardwood floors seen better days? We offer the best floor refinishing service in Union County. We have the right equipment to make your floors look like new in no time at all.

We can assist you in choosing the perfect hardwood for your project, but it doesn’t end there. Selecta Flooring LLC will install whatever product you choose in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. Guaranteed to fit, Guaranteed to last!

Hardwood Flooring Union County

Need a hardwood floor subcontractor to help with your project? If you are a builder or general contractor we can help with commercial & residential projects, large and small. We carry a large selection of wood flooring from all the top manufacturers.

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Michael Shults – Hardwood Floor Specialist
Michael Shults, a crew member of Selecta Flooring LLC started in the wood flooring business for many years. He worked his way up the ranks at another company and then decided to go off on his own and start Selecta Flooring LLC. Major says that he loves getting up in the morning, providing quality craftsmanship for his customers and he genuinely loves what he does. Major really enjoy projects that allow him to go into a home that doesn’t have a well-maintained floor, and the homeowners don’t know if it’s salvageable or maybe the floor has been covered with carpet for the many years and looks just absolutely terrible. Those projects are perfect because Selecta Flooring LLC is able to come in and turn a floor from an absolute mess, into what looks like a brand new floor. Many times, Selecta Flooring LLC is also able to customize with borders, inlays, herringbone, chevron, picture framing, etc., just to name a few. Selecta Flooring LLC would love to be YOUR hardwood floor contractor.

Union County Hardwood Flooring
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Bring Your Wood Back to Good!

Michael Shults is an expert at refinishing and restoring your dingy, dirty hardwood floors. Call us today for an estimate.

When I purchased my home in Union County, it had carpeting that I desperately wanted to replace with hardwood floors. I did my research and ended up calling Michael Shults of Selecta Flooring LLC to help me out. He guided me through the entire process and helped me pick out hardwood that complimented the rooms perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the pleasant experience all around!
Homeowner, Union County, NJ

With decades of home renovation experience at hand, we always were able to do all our installations ourselves. We had a very large job that required about 10,000 square feet of specialty hardwood flooring that we couldn’t do on our own in the given timeframe. Selecta Flooring LLC was able to step in and help us get the job done at a fraction of the price we had budgeted for. Highly Recommend!
Union County Contractor

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My business goal is to provide quality service to all my customers. There are a lot of people that advertise they do this and that and the other thing. I constantly run across people saying they do decks, laminate, and hardwood floors. I believe you can do them, but you only do one well, and you take on the others because you aren’t able to just do the one and support yourself financially. I enjoy being able to provide a quality service to a quality clientele.

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