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A sports teams’ home base can have just as much effect on how well they perform as their uniforms and their team name. A well-cared for court, with clear lines, logos, and stencils, can help amp up team spirit whereas an old, unkempt area can bring it down. Whether you need a new basketball court for your school or new flooring for your gym area, Selecta Flooring has the hardwood installation and professional painting skills to transform your space. While some people choose rubber flooring for their workout or training area, hardwood is the best material for just about every application. Hardwood is easier to clean, easier to maintain, and inhabits the same cushioning properties as other floors. In addition, it is the flooring that most regulation sports arenas use. Wood flooring is also ideal for gyms, lending a classic style and maintenance free surface. New Jersey loves its sports; show your love for your team by installing premium hardwood floors for your court or arena. Once your new floors are installed, Selecta Flooring can professionally paint lines, logos, and stencils of your choice to customize your space. From basketball courts to squash courts, having the right lines, in the right places is vital. Most sports have regulations dictating where certain lines need to be painted. If your lines are not painted correctly, it can make playing almost impossible; this is where Selecta Flooring can help. Our professional line painting service will carefully and precisely measure out the lines on your floor, ensuring that each one is the right thickness and in the correct position. Have a team mascot or logo you want painted on your floor? Selecta Flooring can deliver! From intricate designs to simple wording, Selecta Flooring can help you convey your message beautifully. Whether your logo is for your company, sponsors, or for school, Selecta Flooring will do a professional, quality job. In our hands, your logo will be accurately painted, saving you the headache of worry. Selecta Flooring has years of expertise when it comes to flooring stencils. Our practiced hand allows your stencil to be applied carefully and strategically, from team names, to investors, to arena names. Selecta Flooring will work with you throughout the installation process to ensure proper placement and sizing of your stencil.

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