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Sanding And Refinishing

One of hardwood floors’ best features is the ability to sand and refinish them any time they become damaged, or when you are just ready for a change. Allowing Selecta Flooring to sand and refinish your wood floors in New Jersey will strip away years of wear and tear, completely transforming your room. Instead of having to install entirely new floors, Selecta Flooring can sand away any imperfections restoring your hardwood floor to its original glory. You no longer need to cover up your embarrassing wood floors or invest in an entirely new flooring installation; Selecta Flooring can bring years of new life and rejuvenation to your flooring.

Selecta Flooring’s sanding process buffs away previous flooring damage that has occurred on your hardwood floors, after years of use in your Union County home. Animals, children, and daily routines can wear your finish thin. Food or drink can stain the wood, and as the years pass, the floor becomes dull and discolored, no matter what you do to maintain it. Despite your best efforts, your floors will eventually become scratched and damaged. The first inclination most people have is to cover the damage with a rug, but as it becomes more extensive, some may opt for covering all of the hardwood with carpet or linoleum. Instead of hiding the damage let Selecta Flooring sand it away! We will gently buff away the damage, returning the wood to its smooth, natural state. Selecta Flooring offers two choices of finish, a clear glaze to retain the color and grain of the wood, or you can choose from one of our high-quality stains in a range of color choices, to seal and protect your transformed floors.

Most of the damage perceived to be on the planks of the floor is actually in the finish. With the old layer of finish buffed away, the wood can again take center stage. If the wood planks themselves are damaged or stained, the best thing to do is apply a new coat of finish, resulting in a total transformation. Applying a medium to dark colored stain will mask any blemishes on the wood, giving your whole room an entirely new appearance.

For greater flooring customization, Selecta Flooring offers a number of sheens, including satin, semi-gloss and high gloss,in a wide variety of shades. In addition, you can choose from one of our select finishes, designed specifically to protect high-traffic areas like entryways, or in rooms of the house that are frequented by dogs or children that are more likely to become damaged.

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