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Rubio Monocoat Oil Features:
• Made from natural plant oils
• Super environmentally friendly with absolutely no VOC’s
• Doesn’t stink and drive you out of your home like some finishes will
• Easy to look after and maintain
• Only needs one coat
• More than 30 colors and variables available

Selecta Flooring, LLC: Rubio Monocoat in New Jersey

Rubio Monocoat Benefits:
• Extremely safe to have in your home as it contains non-toxic natural ingredients
• Doesn’t form a plastic film like other varnish, acrylic and polyurethane finishes
• It won’t off-gas bad fumes, chemicals and smells for weeks after it’s applied
• It’s durable enough to be used in domestic and commercial applications
• Enhances the beauty of your timber’s natural grain
• It molecularly bonds to the wood and will not flake, blister or peel
• Damage can easily be spot repaired without having to sand and coat the entire room
• The huge choice of colors allows you to be very expressive with your floors

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1. Good Looking:
Looks are very subjective and like everything, will depend on your own tastes. If you like the look of a thick “plastic” finish and like some sheen, then you may not like this finish. The sheen of Rubio Monocoat oil is very matte – in other words there is no gloss at all. Personally, we like the look. It looks very natural and really enhances the beauty of your timber’s natural grain. It’s a nice option compared to all the plastic looking finishes out there.

Best Rubio Monocoat in New Jersey

2. Long-lasting, durable to traffic and resistant to spills:
This one is a biggie because no-one wants to spend a small fortune getting their hardwood floors sanded and refinished and then find out that the coating system they chose doesn’t live up to their expectations. Many unsuspecting homeowners have had cheap, inadequate oil based and single component water-based finishes applied only to find out down the road they are wearing out prematurely.

New Jersey Rubio Monocoat Near Me

Other homeowners love the look of traditional oil finishes but then find out that they need constant maintenance to keep their protective qualities, which can become a real pain.

With Rubio Monocoat you get the best of both types of finishes – the beautiful looks of traditional oil finishes and the durability of a higher end surface finish. As the oil is applied it molecularly bonds to the wood and leaves a matte surface that offers a strong protective coating. No matter what is done to it, it won’t crack, flake, peel, blister or panelize like conventional surface finishes. It’s resistance to spills is extremely impressive too.

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3. Easy Maintenance and Repair:
Cleaning is easy with a damp mop or cloth, and a Swiffer type of broom or a soft bristled vacuum quickly takes care of dust in-between washes.

4. Non-Yellowing:
The vegetable oils used in the finish are claimed as being non-yellowing so you don’t have to worry about that ugly “old” look after a couple of years that you can get with polyurethane oil modified finishes.

5. VOC and Stink Factor:
Rubio Monocoat oil wood floor finishes are completely VOC free and completely natural and non-toxic. There is a mild vegetable oil smell initially that is not bothersome at all. Apart from the easy maintenance, this will be the next best feature for a lot of people, especially those that are planning to stay at home while the floors are being refinished.

6. Time to Cure:
Nobody wants their floors out of commission for too long so it’s definitely a win in our books for client convenience. The only time it will take a bit longer than the 36 hours to dry is if you want to add the second product to give it a satin sheen. This will add 12 more hours of drying time.

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