Are you ready for the warm weather? Wood floors are a great asset to your home. The ever changing weather in New Jersey creates moisture changes that can affect your wood floors such as cupping.

Cupping takes place when the sides of your wood floor is higher than the center of the boards. Cupping can occur in both natural and engineered wood floors

Now, what causes cupping? The change in moisture content is what forces wood floors to cup.

Cupping is sometimes inevitable but there are simple steps you can take that will help you prevent or alleviate the issue.During the summer we see a variety of weather changes throughout the day. From cool mornings to warm afternoons. These environmental conditions triggers changes.

When you experience cupping the first step to alleviate the issue is to remove moisture. You can start by venting the home. Another step is utilizing a dehumidifier. This is a good solution for places such as basements where there is not a high flow of air.

Due to weather variations gaps might be created. Being an educated consumer means understanding that there will be alterations from time to time due to the different seasons that we experience in New Jersey.

Selecta Flooring guarantees taking all necessary steps to help prevent and minimize cupping. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with the proper consultation and execution of the job. From proper acclimation to using the right boards that will decrease the chances of this happening.

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