Whether you are looking for interior or exterior residential painting services Selecta Flooring is available for all your painting needs in New Jersey. We have been serving Union County and its surrounding areas for many years and you can see our work throughout all of New Jersey.

Selecta Flooring will provide the proper preparation for your home in New Jersey prior to painting. For a complete and neat look it is important to keep in mind there might be residue of prior paint that peels off, creating a rough surface. Scrapes and holes caused by time and pests can also interfere with a flawless finish. Making sure there is an appropriate surface available for your new paint job is what Selecta Flooring from Union County, New Jersey can do for you. A professional paint job highly improves the appearance of your living space while protecting and coating your walls.

Exterior painting will help protect your home from inclement weather. With the ever changing climate in New Jersey your home is prone to acquiring moist and dampness that can lead to mold. A proper paint job can decrease your chances of ruining your exterior and protect it from weather.

A benefit of properly painted interior walls is the decrease that it can have on the amount of dust that adheres to your home. A good paint job keeps plaster down which causes for less dust to adhere.

Selecta Flooring from Union County, New Jersey uses top of the line Zero VOC paint with low odor. Some of these trusted brands used by Selecta Flooring are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.This environmentally friendly paint with low volatile organic compound (voc) have the least environmental impact and will allow our customers to enjoy a seamless and low odor job.

With over twenty years of experience working with homes our experts at Selecta Flooring will guide you in the process of choosing the right color for your home.
Selecta Flooring takes pride on always making the experience for our customers very enjoyable. We can work together to achieve the ambitioned look for your home.