One of Selecta Flooring’s most recent project, is a beautiful brownstone apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. The new proud owners of this place were looking to turn this vintage apartment into a modern living space and this is exactly what Selecta Flooring did for them.

As Selecta Flooring predicted, gray continues to be one of the hottest wood floor trends for 2016. By creating a sample of different shades and color combinations for our customer, Selecta  Flooring was able to reach the desired color.

Pahoehoe, selecta flooring’s latest tone mixture of rubio monocoat colors. 

The combination of light and dark gray shades of rubio monocoat led to the creation of Pahoehoe. This name was inspired by the basaltic lava flow from Hawaii. Pahoehoe is a dark colored lava that flows in a variety of ways creating ropy surfaces.

The distressed floor woods of this apartment and the combination of gray colors created a beautiful finish and gave a lot of authenticity and personality to the floor. The right color for the floors allows for the modern feel and making it neutral for decoration purposes.

Selecta Flooring LLC. is delighted to continue servicing homeowners in Union county and New Jersey. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. With Selecta Flooring every job is guaranteed. Contact Selecta Flooring today!