Asking the right questions before starting a flooring project will allow you to properly plan for it. A popular question when it comes to flooring is how long does it take to refinish the floor? It is important to stay ahead and prepare for the upcoming project. Projects can be delayed if customers do not take into consideration the length of time necessary to successfully completely refinish their wood floors.

Selecting the right polyurethane for your home influences the length of time for the project. There are two types of poly (polyurethane), oil and water based.

7 (2)Oil based polyurethane has depth to it, creating a stronger look for color and shine. Another advantage is that it will last longer. Water based polyurethane has a duller appearance both in color and gloss. With time the floors will get duller with the water based polyurethane. Oil on the other hand will get darker and it will not be dramatically dull. This type of polyurethane will take between 2-4 days to dry which can be troublesome if one is already moved in the home.

Sounds like the oil is overall better, but each customer has different needs while trying to achieve the desired look for their floors. Our team at Selecta Flooring specializes in both water and oil based polyurethane floors and you can find our work all around New Jersey.

Water based poly has its benefits also. It is lower in VOC (volatile organic compounds) which makes it environmentally friendly. With water polyurethane you will be walking around your home by that night or next day because it dries fast. Another advantage is that it dries fast usually by the end of the night you will be able to walk around your new wood floors. Lastly, if you are going for white washed or gray floors it is necessary to use this type of poly because you want to maintain the right tone for the floors.Utilizing oil based poly can cause the floors to have yellow tones. Finally water based poly has a less strong smell.2016-22-4--11-41-04
No matter which type of polyurethane you choose Selecta flooring has experts that will guarantee prompt and seamless service. We understand that how disruptive home remodeling can be, and we make it easier for you to bear by providing great customer service and prompt communication.

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