Throughout his life Mike has consistently been around woodworking, descending from a superior line of craftsmen. This lifelong history provided him the platform needed to achieve great success in the hardwood flooring and wood craft business.

While earning his International Business Degree from Brigham Young University in Hawaii, Mike held a variety of unique jobs from tree propagator to horse wrangler.  During his time as a tree propagator, Mike was responsible for producing more than 100,000 rare and exotic trees for the state of Hawaii.

Once Mike returned from Hawaii, he started working as president for a local wood flooring company, skyrocketing sales and producing high quality work. During his tenure as president, Mike was eager for creative freedom, prompting him to enter into a partnership with Scott, and together they created Selecta Flooring LLC.

In his free time Mike enjoys sailing on his boat, snowboarding wild mountains (on both coasts), and making music.