Maintenance of your wood floor is very important for the floor to last and continue to have a fresh look. With time you will start to see them wear out which is normal and there are ways to refresh them.

Cleaning your wood floor:

  • Do not use a lot of water, if there are any scratches the water can start damaging the finish.
  • Your mop should only be damped.
  • Your vacuum should have a floor brush attachment.
  • When looking for the right soap make sure you are aware of the PH in it. Lower PH allows for floors to maintain vibrant instead of turning dull early. Higher PH are great for dirt and grease removal but with time it will turn your floors dull.

Rubio Monocoat Floors

Rubio monocoat floors are very easy to take care, whether you prefer vacuuming or mopping either of this options are good for your floors. We recommend rubio monocoat surface care as the cleaning product for your floor. Other products can be harsh on this type of finish so it is important to use the products designed for rubio monocoat. This product will not leave residue behind.