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Selecta Flooring LLC
Hardwood Floor Installation, Refinishing Sanding & Repair Services
We serve Saddle Brook and surrounding areas Suburbs

Services :
-Flooring installation
-Dustless Floor Sanding
-Floor Refinishing
-Custom Staining
-Repairs & Buffing
-Laminate Flooring
-Floor Engineering
-Prefinished Flooring
-Tile Floor Installation
-Staircase Refinishing and installation
-Staircase Railing Installation, Stair Treads, Designs, and Floor Finishing

Saddle Brook Hardwood Flooring

Looking for affordable Saddle Brook hardwood floor installation, refinishing, sanding and repair services? Our company is offering quality flooring services for less.

Selecta Flooring LLC is a professional Saddle Brook Flooring Contractor that provides top-quality residential and commercial wood and tile flooring solutions.

We are a complete hardwood flooring service that supplies services such as installation, sanding and finishing of Hardwood and Solid Wood floors. Other services include Prefinishing, Engineering and Fitting of Laminate floors. We are also experts in various Tile flooring.

We are currently serving all Saddle Brook locations, including all suburbs. We service areas within the North, West and South Suburbs, as well as various Saddle Brook-land metropolitan areas (including Northern Saddle Brook and the Downtown area). We pride ourselves on using only top quality Hardwood Flooring Materials in order to provide you with the best possible wooden flooring results, so you can take pride in your home. Each of our custom wooden floors has its own uniqueness with diverse textures and finishes, for you to choose from, in order to get the style you are looking for. We do not sub-contract any work, instead, we hire teams of responsible and experienced employees that specialize as flooring installers and wood flooring finishers that are eager to install your brand new hardwood floor, or refinish your existing wood floor. This ensures that your hardwood floor refinishing, and new hardwood floor installation project, will be completed to the highest possible standard. Selecta Flooring LLC wants to make sure that we leave you with a wood floor that both you, and our team can be proud of.

Our range of flooring styles includes Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Tiger Wood, Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, and many more Types of Hardwood Flooring. We do not leave a job if the wood floor is not installed and finished to the highest standard we expect. The wooden floors available also come in a variety of different New Green technology finishes including lacquered, oiled, brushed and oiled, brushed and lacquered, antique, hand scraped, prime and rustic.

Please contact Selecta Flooring LLC Call (908) 301-0150 or fill out the contact us form to arrange a free, no obligation, on-site consultation, in order for us to offer you our best price. We do not have showrooms, instead, we arrange site consultations, and offer a face to face interview and to show you the samples of the wood floors for your home.

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Selecta Flooring LLC has the ” know how” and equipment to provide you with the best quality Hardwood floor refinishing job at the best price. Our Dustless Floor Sanding system can collect up to 98% of the dust from sanding process, while the remaining 2% is circulated around the working area. That is why our company prides itself on taking extra care of our customers with no extra cost on your Appliances Air vents etc. Our main goal is:” Finishing the project with the least amount of pain.”

We Are Moving Light Furniture
In order to make this experience as easy as possible, we offer light furniture moving service for your refinishing, installation and dustless sanding flooring jobs.

Filling Gaps & Crack During Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process
Variations in temperature and humidity in Saddle Brook area cause the wood floors to expand and contract. Thus small gaps and cracks are always present. Winter months tend to be drier making cracks and gaps more visible. In summer, humidity rises, causing some cracks to virtually disappear. On every Refinishing job, we thoroughly inspect all cracks and gaps and fill out all the unsightly ones before we sand your hardwood floor.

Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors
Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced with the finer points of floor sanding. We always sand layer by layer, uniformly and completely, including edges, corners and other hard to reach places. For superior results, we perform three grades of sanding: rough, medium and fine. In the process, we continuously check for cracks, countersink nails, etc to get you the best Hardwood Floor Refinishing results.

Choosing & Applying Stain
Staining and finishing are the culminating steps that really show all the wood’s character. This is where our expertise in selecting the right stains and doing the job is truly unparalleled.

Applying Finish
You can easily see the high quality of our workmanship. We take extreme care to avoid drips and thick overlaps of finish, to cover all surfaces evenly. Our team of experts blends in brush marks, which is best done with lamb’s wool and other various techniques. We also take great care of loose fibers and dust of any kind out of the finished coat.

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Before Hardwood Floor Installation
Our flooring company delivers wood floor materials for acclimatization at least 48 hours before we start the installation process. We also are able to extract existing floor coverings (carpets, tile, vinyl, and hardwoods). We are able to move furniture and place them back in their original location after the job is completed.

Staggering & Solid Hardwood Floor Repair
What do you do when existing wood flooring meets a new unfinished hardwood style? Staggering, which makes the flooring appear in a random configuration that allows your eye to see the floor as a whole, instead of focusing on a single straight line of wood seams. The seams of the floors are weak points with the floor structure, and this technique also keeps floors looking strong.

Wood Floor Design
We can customize your flooring in your own unique way. We offer medallions, borders, and inlays to make your new or existing hardwood floor look distinctive. Our customized flooring material includes Maple, White, and Red Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Birch, Pine, Hickory and Walnut to give your floors exceptional character.

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