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Selecta Flooring LLC was founded on the simple idea of keeping customers happy by providing the best wood flooring products available, supported by experienced installation and craftsmanship and backed by an exceptional guarantee of our wood flooring installation services.

We understand that in today’s competitive world customers have choices when it comes to purchasing wood flooring products for their home or office. We give our customers more than just product selection.

Selecta Flooring LLC is a full-service hardwood flooring company. Since our inception, we have only worked with wood flooring – it’s a beautiful product we love. Our solid hardwood flooring installation professionals can answer your questions and assist you today!

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Five Reasons Why Hardwood Flooring Demarest is The Smart Choice

High-quality wood floor installation can last for a very long time
Hardwood flooring cost may initially be higher than carpet or linoleum, but it offers a long-term value that will end up saving you more as the years go by. With regular and minimal maintenance, your hardwood flooring will be just as durable and beautiful as it was when it was first installed.

It is more hygienic and easier to clean
If you have pets or young children, a carpeted floor is going to be very high-maintenance. Imagine: A simple spill is easy to wipe away on a hardwood floor. Unlike wood, carpets are also magnets for parasites, dust mites, and fleas which can trigger asthma or allergy attacks. With hardwood flooring, the overall air quality at home is better.

It is easier to repair or refinish
It is easier to refinish a solid hardwood floor than to refit an entirely carpeted floor.

Hardwood flooring installation is an investment towards the value of your home
Homes with wood flooring are more attractive in the real estate market compared to homes with other types of flooring, owing to its durability, easier maintenance, and classic aesthetic.

Design trends may come and go but one thing is certain: your wood floor installation will never go out of style.

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Factors To Consider Before Getting Hardwood Flooring in Demarest

Oak, walnut, maple, and cherry are durable types of hardwood, although they tend to be pricier than other wood species like pine and mahogany. All hardwoods are generally sturdy so your final choice will depend on the color or grain that you want.

Oak, walnut, maple, and cherry are durable types of hardwood, although they tend to be pricier than other wood species like pine and mahogany. All hardwoods are generally sturdy so your final choice will depend on the color or grain that you want.

Solid hardwood, as the name suggests, is hardwood all throughout. Engineered hardwood is a layered product made of hardwood and plywood. It is often used in modern construction and is designed to be installed directly into the concrete slab, which can’t be done with solid wood.

Solid hardwood has a greater range of hardness and can be sanded multiple times, unlike engineered wood. The latter, however, is better in managing moisture. It also holds up better during natural movement cycles of the wood.

When deciding between the two, keep in mind the location, your preferred installation method, and the floor it will be used on.

Polyurethane makes the flooring more resistant to stain and damage. An oil finish looks softer, more natural and can make scratches appear less obvious. It’s also easier to touch up.

Prefinished hardwood is easier and faster to install and helps reduce dust that usually comes with on-site finishing. With the latter, however, you have more control and more opportunities to customize. And because it is sanded on-site, the final product is smoother because it is finished as one plane.

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I am extremely impressed with Selecta Flooring LLC! It is a pleasure to work with. The crew was professional and did excellent work. Our floors look amazing! We had recently bought a house and wanted to put wood in the two front rooms and master bedroom. They did an excellent job letting me know what to expect.

Selecta Flooring LLC was my 4th and last company I spoke to about doing my flooring. They were very knowledgeable, let us take samples and offered input. The installation team very professional. By the way, they replaced the entire flooring in my house, not a small job, big investment. Could not be happier!
Susan D.

We choose Selecta Flooring LLC due to the good reviews. His pricing was good and he answered all our questions. The installers were great. Did an amazing job all around including cleaning. We have two more rooms to do and will be using a Selecta Flooring LLC again this year.

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