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Selecta Flooring was founded on the ideals that our customers and employees should be well taken care of and that by providing high quality finished product that our company would be a success. When you turn to Selecta Flooring LLC for your hardwood needs you are turning to the local craftsman that can yield a beautiful end result. Our employees are experienced in all the stages of hardwood installation and refinishing to ensure the job runs smoothly from start to finish.

We use certified processes and quality products to help create the best floor we can.

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Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing
We know, hardwood dust is awful. We agree, our employees agree. That is why our hardwood company only uses the best wood flooring vacuums on the market. The trailers that are used on all our jobs are powered by 27HP gas engines mounted to a trailer. No other vacuum or bag on the market will ensure dust pickup like our system.

The main benefit of the vacuum trailers:

  • The air quality is safer for everyone
  • Less mess
  • The lowest level of dust in your home possible
  • Creates a better overall finish
  • Mitigates many dust complaints
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Safe, Durable Flooring Finishes
Your flooring is an investment in your home and hardwood floor refinishing can be a costly project. We know that these costs can be a deterrent to our customers so want to provide our customers with the highest quality finishes on your floor. Our floors are designed to last a lifetime, this doesn’t mean that your flooring won’t need maintenance. It means we provide the toughest barrier between your feet and the wood that is available today. A strong finish will lower your overall flooring costs over the years.

Our finish options:

  • Water-Based
  • Ultra-Violet
  • Oil-modified

We provide green products to keep you and your family safe; our water-based and some of our oil products are green and safer for customers. By doing the proper maintenance and cleaning your floor regularly will allow your floor to last years and years to come.

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Selecta Flooring is a company founded on the fact if we make sure our customers and our employees are well taken care of the by-products of that will produce a successful company.

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