By: Paola V.

Inspiration comes from many places and the flooring industry is no stranger to it. As we embark on this new year, you will see new trends for wood floors inspired from fashion, nature, and a lapse of time. From modern to classic there is a flooring trend for everyone.

The New Vintagetexture-stadelbretter-vertikal-11LR0143S

The year 2016 is all about floor’s authenticity. The natural look of distressed wood its influencing this year’s trends. Think rustic homes in the 1800s, vintage floor wood style is reemerging and it’s one that can be achieved through different ways. The wire brushed technique is one of them in which the wire brush scrapes the wood leaving only the hardest and more rustic part of the wood exposed. This allows for the wood’s natural texture to come to life. Handscraping is another technique used by professionals like Selecta Flooring. With this technique, flooring experts work along the customers side to achieve this vintage look for your floors.

Reclaimed wood

This Eco-friendly option consists of recycled wood. This trend allows for consumers to obtain unique wood for their floors since they come from different wood sources such as farmhouses, barrels, and logs from different areas creating its own distressed look. This option not only saves trees but it also gives your floor uniqueness. No floor will be like yours.


Low gloss

in 2016 you will see a lot of low gloss floors. With some great benefits, these floors can make the maintenance of wood floors easier. For those families with kids or pets these types of floor can be beneficial since low gloss masks dust easier as well as scratches. If you are looking to enhance the authentic look of your floor low gloss is the way to go.


chevronThis style of flooring has been and continues to be one of the most popular trends when it comes to wood flooring. From geometric shapes to, herringbone and chevron our all time classics, parquet floors become a representation of your style. Whether you are going for a natural wood finish or maybe experimenting with different colors parquet can be personalized to meet your flooring needs.




Not only are styles and finishes of wood floors important but also color. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, the color of your wood floor can help transform and bring together the whole look of your home.

The new neutral


Gray is the hottest color trend when it comes to wood floors. From walls to floor this color will always compliment the overall look of your room. As a neutral color gray ranges from light to deep shades giving you the option to select the one that will help reach the desired look for your home. Gray allows for the natural grains and texture to stand out making a stronger impact to the look of your room. Due to its ability to be paired with many colors gray, the new neutral can transform any room.


Dark wood

Darker stain colors will give you a bold statement. The rich tones of wood will make your floors the center of attention. From mahogany to walnuts the tone you select will create a sleek and sophisticated look for your wood floors.





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