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Looking for Eco Friendly Wood Floors in Union County, NJ? Now is a great time to purchase some Eco Friendly Wood Floors in Union County, NJ. It seems like everyone is trying to make their lives more environmentally-friendly, and there’s not much greener than something you step on every single day. However, many people don’t know that there even are eco-friendly flooring options right here in Union County. They may wrongly assume that they would have to pay ridiculously high prices to get the Eco Friendly Wood Floors of their dreams. But that’s not true—just come to Selecta Flooring, LLC! We have not just one, but two excellent options for our earth-conscious customers: linoleum and cork.

Union County Eco Friendly Wood Floors

What?! Linoleum is eco-friendly? Since when?
Yes—marmoleum is an all-natural, eco-friendly version of linoleum that comes in over 100 colors so you can choose one that suits your home’s décor and your personal style. Additionally, marmoleum can be cut into shapes to create your own unique custom flooring pattern, if you’d like. You can even create the look of ceramic tile with this warmer, softer, less expensive, and more eco-friendly material. Who knew linoleum could be so revolutionary?!

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Cork too!
The other eco-friendly flooring option we have here at Selecta Flooring, LLC is cork. You may be thinking to yourself, “um, cork is for wine. How is it supposed to work as a flooring material?” Well, actually, cork flooring is pretty sturdy, and it’s incredibly eco-friendly because it’s made from recycled wine corks. Do your part of the reduce, reuse, recycle equation by purchasing this unique, fascinating flooring from Selecta Flooring, LLC today.

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How do I know which eco-friendly flooring material is right for me?
Just come to our Union County showroom, which is conveniently located and you can see and touch samples of all our flooring materials, including these eco-friendly options. You’ll be able to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have and start planning your flooring update or new installation right away.

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You may also request a free in-home estimate today by calling (908) 301-0150 or emailing us. One of our flooring experts will come to your home, evaluate your current flooring, take some precise measurements, discuss your options with you and give your recommendations, and provide you with a complete estimate for your new flooring project. Then once your flooring is ready, we’ll expertly install it for you so you can start enjoying it at your Union County home right away.

Why go with Selecta Flooring, LLC?

Selecta Flooring, LLC is an efficient, dependable local company that’s based right here in Union County. Our staff will make sure your flooring project goes off without a hitch, and that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. We’re always looking for ways to meet our customers’ needs and wants, and the development of these eco-friendly options is part of that.

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