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Having green flooring in Essex County does not mean that you have to choose the color green for your home or office! It means that you have green flooring options that are eco-friendly. Selecta Flooring, LLC was the first green flooring supplier in Essex County. There are great green-conscious flooring options to choose from without sacrificing style and durability.

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One of the most common choices for green flooring is carpet. If you have been avoiding traditional carpeting due to the smell of VOC’s and chemicals, then you will love being able to experience the look and feel of a green carpet.

Eco-friendly wool carpeting is extremely similar to traditional carpeting, but does not require the use of added chemicals. Plus, wool is naturally sustainable, making it a perfect choice for eco-friendly flooring.

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There are also many other options for green flooring that use naturally sustainable materials. Abaca flooring, as well as green flooring made from paper twine, hemp, sisal, and sea grass, offer the look of carpet without the worry of a chemical residue.

Since rubber can be made from petroleum, you may not think that it is an option for green flooring, but the truth is that rubber is also an eco-friendly option. Rubber is a low odor, simple to install type of green flooring that can last for the life of your home or business with the right care. Recycled rubber is available for flooring in tiles, or in sheets. If you are using green rubber flooring in the kitchen, for example, then tiles would be a great green flooring choice.

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Rubber is both sound and shock absorbent. Rubber flooring has been used extensively in Australia and the United Kingdom for many years, especially in gyms, playrooms and kitchens. Bamboo and cork are also excellent options when you are looking for green flooring.

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Bamboo is one of the most popular options for green flooring. Bamboo flooring offers all the benefits of hardwood flooring, but is made from eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo is a naturally sustainable material that grows quickly in the wild, making it an excellent flooring option. Installation of cork or bamboo flooring is very similar to the installation of traditional hardwood floors.

Cork is a green floor that is very similar to rubber in its benefits, but comes with a lovely, natural woody smell that most home owners and business owners adore. Cork is simple to install and care for, making it an excellent choice when you are looking for green flooring in Essex County.

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Reclaimed hardwood flooring is the greenest wood flooring you can choose. It comes from old barns and buildings, which means it has been recycled. Available woods range, but antique heart pine and reclaimed Australian chestnut are the most popular green flooring hardwoods. This is the eco-friendliest option available, as long as chemical strippers and sealants aren’t used in the process.

Linoleum is sometimes confused with vinyl flooring, but it’s actually a very eco-friendly option made from natural flax seed oil. It was originally developed as flooring for battleships, but didn’t get very far in that field. It is available in many gorgeous colors, and is great for kitchens and bathrooms. Is has become increasingly popular as a green flooring option.

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