By Paola V


As you select your new wood floors you will start to wonder whether to go with a classic look or maybe something more modern. Selecta Flooring is here to provide you with options that will suit your personal style and enhance the look of your wood floors.

 Grey wood floors have become prominent in high end architectures and you can now see this trend in many homes around the Union County, NJ area. Selecta Flooring continues to install and refinish more wood floors in this color. Grey wood floors will create a neutral ambiance allowing you to contrast different colors of walls and designs in your home. Whether you are going for a modern or contemporary look this color will make your wood floors one of a kind.

 This color of wood floor might not always be an easy job to try on your own. There are many steps in place from sanding,staining, to creating the right combination of greys prior to reaching the desirable color. Nonetheless, it can definitely  be achieved by flooring professionals like Selecta Flooring.


 Styles for your wood floors are also important to complete the total look of your home.

Parquet has been around for centuries and this design is a must have. Parquet allows you to add geometric patterns to your wood floor creating a different sense of style in your rooms. Two of the most popular categories of parquet are herringbone and chevron.


Allows us to place the planks in parallel lines sloping and facing each other creating an intertwined shape.

grey harringbone

Grey Herringbone


Has a clean look placing your planks in a V -shape creating a contemporary and minimalist look.




Wide Plank

it’s a subtle change if you are looking for a simple yet gorgeous finish to your wood floor. This style creates a wider and spacious look for your room.

Wide Plank

Wide Plank

The styles and colors can always be combined creating unique pieces of wood and styles of floors. Here at Selecta Flooring we will make sure that the right color, style and design it’s properly customized to your needs. Our work with these beautiful trends has been done through Union County and surrounding areas in New Jersey and we we are here to assist you.

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