Selecting the right stain can  be a hassle of its own when trying to re-stain your New Jersey home, now on to the finish. Selecta Flooring is here to help alleviate one of the most common questions when refinishing floors. What should my finish be? Selecta Flooring specializes in custom stains and we make sure that our clients understand the options available before we embark in a flooring project.

From high to lower gloss finishes, our clients have a range of options for their wood floors. The luster, amount of glow created from light reflection,  is what differentiates floors between matte to high gloss.  

High-Gloss = 75% or higher

Semi-Gloss = 55% – 70%

Satin = 30 – 50%

Matte = 1 – 25%

Lower gloss finishes have become popular in the last few years. The flooring business has seen a shift of stain options chosen by clients, where darker stains have become a top choice. On a darker stain, a matte to satin finish is recommended to allow the color to stand out. Matte to Satin finish also makes scratches and dirt less noticeable, making your wood floor kid and pet friendly. 
3Rubio Monocoat: A new alternative in flooring is Rubio Monocoat products. As the new environmentally friendly option it will provide your floors with a matte finish. The look of this floor can be seen as dull since there is little to no gloss with this finish. Matte floors will create a clean look for any home. With less shine your floors will have a natural look and feel. Rubio Monocoat is highly recommended if choosing a darker stain.


Satin: This finish works with a wide range of stains, from light to dark making it a very popular finish. Giving floors a  classic and contemporary finish and will also allow for less scratches to show. Satin tends to be one of the most popular options since it is a versatile finish. 


Semi-Gloss: For clients looking to have a shinier finish on their floors this is one of the best options. The end product of this floor will create a noticeable gloss for your floors without being too overpowering. Although there might be more upkeep involved  this finish is a classic. img_0723_edited

Glossy: This finish is typically seen at commercial floors such as gyms or bowling alleys. The glossy finish makes scratches and dirt more noticeable. This finish requires more care since it will need to be cleaned very often and depending on the household it might require sanding and touch-ups a lot more often. This finish is also seen on exotic wood floors. It can create a Mohagoney Deck

Whether you are looking for a matte or shinier finish Selecta Flooring is here to assist you with any flooring need.  

Selecta Flooring LLC. is delighted to continue servicing homeowners in Union County and along New Jersey. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. With Selecta Flooring every job is guaranteed. Contact Selecta Flooring today! 9083010150 or [email protected].