Today we have different options when it comes to flooring. Whether it’s carpet, tile or wood flooring for a home plays an important role. As homeowners, it’s important to take into consideration your living habits and the necessary environment that you will need to create inside your home. Other things to be aware of are durability, cost, and sustainability.

When it comes to durability you must consider a few different factors. Carpet will last you a while but this requires a significant amount of maintenance. With the ever-changing weather in New Jersey the upkeep will be higher since you have to be aware that shoes can bring a variety of outside components that can cause carpet to stain easily. Wood floors tend to be easier to clean, a good wood cleaner will keep your floors looking fresh for a long time.

Kids and pets may also play a role when choosing your new floor type. Carpets can be soft for younger kids as they first learn how to walk and play. Pets on the other hand can cause big and sometimes irreversible messes in carpets. Making sure your pets are potty trained it’s always great specially when dealing with carpets as it may not be as easy to get the stains out. When it comes to wood, spills and accidents can quickly be cleaned with warm water. As flooring experts Selecta Flooring suggests cleaning these as soon as possible since wood may sometimes get stained.

Cost can vary for both wood and carpet based on clients’ needs and preferences. When it comes to material and labor carpet tends to be more cost effective per square foot in comparison to wood. Wood on the other hand, if properly maintained, will most likely last longer than carpet. You must keep this in mind in case you plan on reselling the house as it will add more value to it.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, new products have been developed to satisfy customers need while protecting the environment. You can find sustainable carpets made from recycled content that can be recycled after disposal. Bamboo and reclaimed wood are examples of wood options available for an eco friendly home, alongside stains that have less VOC.

There is a right floor for everyone but when it comes to wood flooring Selecta Flooring is here for you.

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