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Mill Pond Farm- Historic wood floors

Fall is almost here have you thought of redoing your floors yet? This summer Selecta Flooring, from Union County, New Jersey had the pleasure of working with a range of beautiful homes. Due to our expertise with
Rubio Monocoat we were able to work with the historic wood floors at Mill Pond Farm located in Bedford, New York.

This home was built back in the 1700’s and is owned by the Kellogg family.

Late Ambassador Francis Kellogg turned these 25 acres to a luxurious and timeless estate. This New York family discovered and developed an interest for Rubio Monocoat Floors.

The Kellogg’s decided to reach out to Rubio Manocoat for recommendations of experts in the area. Being one of the top Rubio Monocoat professionals in New York and New Jersey, Selecta Flooring joined them in the efforts of restaining their original Pampaio Pine wood floors .

Rubio Monocoat wood floor nj new jersey new york

Rubio Monocoat stain sample


To achieve the desired wood color for this floor, Selecta utilized four different stains of rubio. As always, we pride ourselves in a customized experience for our clients to help them obtain their dream floors.  The results- an exquisite combination of brown and mahogany shades, creating a unique and warm color for the Kellog’s floor.

As Rubio experts Selecta Flooring was able to maintain the antique and raw look of these floors while giving them a refreshed look. The key to antique wood floors is preserving its originality, this is why it’s highly recommended to work with professionals on these woof floor projects. We believe that late Ambassador Kellogg will be delighted with the preservation and new look of his floors.

new jersey union county wood flooringYou can learn about Selecta Flooring antique wood floor projects by clicking here.

Selecta Flooring LLC. is delighted to continue servicing homeowners in Union County and along New Jersey. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. With Selecta Flooring every job is guaranteed. Contact Selecta Flooring today! 9083010150 or [email protected]







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