By Paola V.

Selecta Flooring’s latest project took place in Union County, New Jersey. We created an exotic Açai Rubio Monocoat floor. As Rubio monocoat experts making sure our customers floor needs are met is always a priority. Working with Rubio Monocoat can be challenging if you do not have prior experience with this material which is why is highly recommended to let experts take care of this. Selecta flooring hand picked different shades of Rubio Monocoat to create this beautiful Açai color. The final product was a mix of sapphire and ruby creating a blend that brought these wood floors to life.

As the new year approaches give some thought into renovating your floors. Whether is refinishing or changing the color of the wood, you will be able to give your home a brand new look. As Rubio Monocoat experts creating blends of color to reach our customers flooring dreams it’s always a priority.

 Selecta Flooring LLC. is delighted to continue servicing homeowners in Union County and New Jersey.

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