By Paola V.
The importance of detail in a home is a vital element to the overall appearance of a home. From the color of your paint to your floor, everything plays a key role to the market value of your home. Now location, that can also be a plus, what if you are located in the mecca of a sought after sport event? Why not market your home for it? This is exactly what our customers in Springfield did.

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With the upcoming Professional Golfers of America (PGA) Tournament, located this year in Springfield, NJ. The contemporary home is currently in the market for $7000 a week for the week of the tournament. Selecta Flooring takes pride in being the flooring experts to have renovated the entire home, creating a contemporary style and feel. From a beautiful deck, wooded fireplace, to a wood bar Selecta Flooring was able to execute a beautiful project by taking an old home and transforming it to a contemporary home.
With a deck throughout the second floor to walls made out of wood you can see a strong Selecta Flooring Influence.
Achieving the desired look and creating a customers dream is Selecta Floorings goal. You can see our work throughout Union County and we strive to satisfy all of our customers.

Selecta Flooring LLC. is delighted to continue servicing homeowners in Union county and New Jersey. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. With Selecta Flooring every job is guaranteed. Contact Selecta Flooring today! 9083010150 or [email protected].