2017 wood flooring trends 1

Choosing the right stain color

Ultra Black/Dark Stains:

Darker stains continue to be a highly requested color from our clients throughout New Jersey and New York. This is a rising trend with homeowners. Dark stains can definitely create a statement in any home and have become popular due to the dramatic and chic look that these floors bring. Some things to take into consideration with these floors are the upkeep since dust and scratches are much more noticeable. Also they can tend to make rooms look smaller. Nonetheless these floors will allow you to experiment with different styles for the decor of your home and help you create a desirable look.  


Selecta Flooring has been working with these colors and we have helped our clients achieved the perfect floors with custom stain colors. When working with dark stains we recommend using a matte or satin finish.  As innovators in wood flooring we also work with Rubio Monocoat an environmentally friendly version of stains that will allow you achieve a matte look for your floors.

                         Pahoehoe Custom Dark Stain                                      Selecta Custom Dark Pine Stain Blend




Ultra Blonde:

Ultra Blonde/ Ultra light flooring have become relevant in the last years and the demand also keeps increasing for this stain option. The ultra blonde stain will help your rooms look bigger and brighter while hiding wear and tear. Another option for ultra light stain are white washed. Similar to dark stains, white washed floors have a better look with a matte or satin finish.  1

Gray: Gwm1ray is the hot color trend that keeps coming back for more. There are variations to this trend from light to dark grays, the trend continues on and it does not seem to be going anywhere. In 2016 Selecta Flooring worked on numerous homes and created long lasting gray floors. 



2017 is the year for environmentally conscious consumers. Wood flooring is seeing an increase for made in America wood in comparison to exotic woods.  Consumers are becoming conscious of where wood is coming from and there is a demand for national wood floors.

The styles of wood are varying from wired brush and reclaimed to chevron. Environmentally conscious consumers are looking for sustainability and buying local has increased and there is a continued rise on this trend.   Another up and coming trend are cork and bamboo for an environmentally friendly option. Investing in your floors is necessary to make sure that you have long lasting floors and get the most out of your investment.


Long gone are the days of shiny floors. Matte is the new in and it is here to stay. Our work throughout New Jersey has been highly influenced by this trend and clients are continuing to request this finish to bring their floors together.  For customers who are not looking for a full opaque look Jacobean is the solution. Jacobean is the fine line between glossy and matte creating the perfect satin finish for floors.