2By Paola V.

Historic homes have been a big part of Selecta Flooring’s work throughout New Jersey. The beauty of working with these homes is being able to preserve its roots and character while helping new owners renovate and innovate them.

One of Selecta’s latest project of 2016 has been a home from the 1800’s. Selecta Flooring had the pleasure to work in one of the oldest home in Mendham, New Jersey. The Morse family recently acquired this estate and we have worked together to keep the charisma of the house while fully renovating it.65


This beautiful Mendham house was built in 1820 by Henry C. Sanders as a gentleman farmer and one of the largest landowners in Mendham, New Jersey at the time, he was able to build this estate surrounded by acres of land today it’s clever location has made it a unique landmark in Mendham, New Jersey.

Although centuries have gone by this home has only been owned by a small number of families and notable figures. Ranging from its original owner Mr. Sanders to the 31st Governor of New Jersey, Franklin Murphy. Today the Morse family are the new owners of this prestigious estate and they have continue to maintain its floors with the help of the Selecta team.


20For this prestigious home our team decided to create something unique for our customers. By suggesting a customized stain color for the floors, Selecta Flooring of Union County. New Jersey was able to achieve the vision of the new owners. Through the stain selection process we narrowed it down to a handful of rich brown colors.

9As experts on costumized stains, Selecta flooring takes pride on working side by side with our customers to create customized experiences for our clients  . The stain used for this project was achieved by combining nine different shade of Brown, from light to very rich stains. As a result Selecta Flooring created the new Selecta Custom Dark Pine Stain Blend.

This color combination was perfect for the design of the home. With many open space and sun rooms the rich brown enhanced the home colonial style while adding some modern feel.
Throughout 2016 Selecta Flooring has worked with numerous historic homes throughout New Jersey. From Westfield, Nj historic district to Mendham, Nj our floors have been helping achieve the desired desired design for our clients homes.  Selecta Flooring enjoys these opportunities to work with historic homes and floors since we understand the importance of preservation of floors.


Selecta Flooring LLC. is delighted to continue servicing homeowners in Union County and along New Jersey. There is nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. With Selecta Flooring every job is guaranteed. Contact Selecta Flooring today! 9083010150 or [email protected].